Ghodaf for Metals Trading

A leader in assisting the process of recycling of metals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ghodaf alliance plays an essential role in the realization of this important mission. Through its fleet of trucks, first-class cutting and weighing equipment, and most importantly a highly professional team, the alliance has become a major player in the collection and cutting of scrap metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum to be sent for smelters for recycling and re-use. Not does playing this central role in the recycling chain offer excellent returns on investment, but is also makes a tremendous contribution to the protection of the environment in the Kingdom-a corporate and social responsibility principle to which Ghodaf Group is deeply committed.

Contact Information

Saudi Arabia, Al Riyadh Al Imam Sou'od Ben Abd Al Aziz Ben Mohammad Road Al Hamdan Building, Office no. 4