Ghodaf Complexes and Medical Centers

As part of Ghodaf Group's strategic direction of participating in the development of the medical sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ghodaf Medical Centre, a subsidiary of Ghodaf Complexes and Medical Centers was established with over 40 professional staff members. Developed in the in Worood area, north of the Kingdom's capital, Riyadh, the centre offers first class medical services in almost every specialization by excellent and highly qualified doctors. The establishment of the centre which has viewed as a centre of excellence in the medical field and has won great praise from many satisfied patience from across the city, is the first step in the realization of Ghodaf Group's vision of playing a central role in this important sector and improving the quality of health care and services to all residents of the Kingdom.


Contact Information

Saudi Arabia, Al Riyadh Abdallah Al Anqari Street
4607642- 4607562