Established in 2009, with the purpose of playing a central role in serving the needs of the Saudi Market for medical equipment and supplies, as well as the provision of baby milk products and accessories, Analac has managed to carve out a strong presence and niche in the Kingdom. With over 45 dedicated employees, Analac's products and services are being widely distributed and sought in the Northern and Middle areas of Saudi Arabia. With perseverance, dedication and commitment, the company has developed an extensive strategy to expand its operations to enhance its coverage of the entire Kingdom to provide the best possible services to the residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia. Indeed, Analac product's position has been firmly established as a major player in the baby milk industry in the Kingdom.



The Ghodaf Water Co. was established recently to invest in development of manufacturing and bottling facilities for healthy and clean drinkable water. The company is scheduled to open a massive state-of-the-art facility in Tabuk area of Saudi Arabic for the treatment, bottling, distribution and sale of clean spring water.   

As part of Ghodaf Group's strategic direction of participating in the development of the medical sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ghodaf Medical Centre, a subsidiary of Ghodaf Complexes and Medical Centers was established with over 40 professional staff members. Developed in the in Worood area, north of the Kingdom's capital, Riyadh, the centre offers first class medical services in almost every specialization by excellent and highly qualified doctors. The establishment of the centre which has viewed as a centre of excellence in the medical field and has won great praise from many satisfied patience from across the city, is the first step in the realization of Ghodaf Group's vision of playing a central role in this important sector and improving the quality of health care and services to all residents of the Kingdom.


As part of Ghodaf Group's commitment to provide the best possible medical services to improve the health and well being of the people of Saudi Arabia, Ghodaf Medical Pharmacies Company was established to be a leader in pharmaceutical distribution and retail. With over 20 first-class pharmacies most of the Kingdom's capital, Riyadh, and 5 pharmacies in Tabuk, and expansion plans that include coverage in most of the vast country, the company has take solid steps towards the fulfillment of its mission of being the leading provider of pharmaceutical products.


With over 16 years of success in the field of Information Technology (IT), Arasoft has become a leading IT solutions company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with a presence that stretches to almost every region and covers every sector. In collaboration with renowned international companies, Arasoft has become a true leader in the Saudi market with a massive track record that saw the successful implementation of countless projects in various sectors and scales, serving both the government and private establishments. With over 65 highly qualified employees, Arasoft has an unquenched thirst for knowledge and a deep desire for continuous development and growth. Through its specialized and carefully selected consultants and the application of the latest technology, Arasoft is able to provide comprehensive services and solutions in IT. The company's network and team of specialized and dedicated consultants includes information system specialists, analysts, programmers, data base officers and professional network engineers, who not only have the academic credentials required for excellence, but also have a long history of practical hand-on knowledge and experience in the field. In recognition for this excellence, Arasoft has witnessed unparalleled growth the service of the Saudi IT market that is indeed unmatched by its competitors. It has not only served companies of and government agencies of all sizes, but has concluded several key distribution agreements inside the Kingdom and beyond.

Situated in the heart of Khobar, Saudi Arabia, Marine House is one of the oldest and most pioneering hotel apartments in the area. Refurbished and modernized in 2006 with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment and furnishings, Marine house offers 16 modern apartments, all of which are equipped with all the amenities required by modern living including Satellite TVs, dining table, and fully equipped kitchens, to name a few. The amenities and modern furnishings are only complemented by a plethora of value added services that are a free of charge including: covered parking, free internet, newspapers, free local calls, 24 hour service, and much more.


The primary purpose of Najd Aviation is to become one the leading aviation training companies in Saudi Arabia, serving what is a currently underserved market. The company is establishing a highly advanced training facility that has the most advanced equipments and stimulators, and is staffed by top professional instructors with a proven track record and solid experience.

Established in 2011, the company has a substantial transportation fleet and network between the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries such as Iraq, Syria, Jordan and others.

 Ghodaf  for International Trading is the mother company and holding group that overseas all of the operations and subsidiaries of Ghodaf Group in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This includes all the medical centres, manufacturing, commercial and real estate development, pharmaceuticals, and IT. Not only does company see its strength in having one of the most diverse investment portfolios in the region, but it sees its extensive reach and services as a true reflection of its steadfast commitment to economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


A leader in assisting the process of recycling of metals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ghodaf alliance plays an essential role in the realization of this important mission. Through its fleet of trucks, first-class cutting and weighing equipment, and most importantly a highly professional team, the alliance has become a major player in the collection and cutting of scrap metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum to be sent for smelters for recycling and re-use. Not does playing this central role in the recycling chain offer excellent returns on investment, but is also makes a tremendous contribution to the protection of the environment in the Kingdom-a corporate and social responsibility principle to which Ghodaf Group is deeply committed.