Intermediate Petrochemicals Industries ( IPI ) was established in 1980 as a public share holding company to produce intermediate petrochemical products in Jordan to fulfill the demands of local and surrounding markets.

Today, IPI is among the leading companies in intermediate petrochemicals field in the Middle East. It consists of eight plants which have been selectively built and equipped with the assistance and cooperation of well known European firms. The plants are: PVC Compounds Plant, Unsaturated Polyester Resins Plant, FRP Sheet (Relon) Plant, Organic Peroxides Plant, Spectrafin Masterbatch Plant, Organic Solvents Plant, Phenol Formaldehyde Resins Plant, Plasticizers Plant.


Established in the 2007 as free zone Company in Egypt, the Saudi Canadian Glasses (trademarked as Crystal Glass) has become a regional leader in the glass manufacturing and production. With over 345 highly skilled employees, Crystal Glass' range of products is as impressive as it is diverse. It includes lamps, cups, plates, bottles, and perfume bottles, just to name a few. The company has a steadfast commitment to serving the region with products that apply the highest standards of quality assurance at the most affordable prices. The company exports its products to Syria, Turkey, Sudan and other countries.

Established in 2009, with the purpose of playing a central role in serving the needs of the Saudi Market for medical equipment and supplies, as well as the provision of baby milk products and accessories, Analac has managed to carve out a strong presence and niche in the Kingdom. With over 45 dedicated employees, Analac's products and services are being widely distributed and sought in the Northern and Middle areas of Saudi Arabia. With perseverance, dedication and commitment, the company has developed an extensive strategy to expand its operations to enhance its coverage of the entire Kingdom to provide the best possible services to the residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia. Indeed, Analac product's position has been firmly established as a major player in the baby milk industry in the Kingdom.



The Ghodaf Water Co. was established recently to invest in development of manufacturing and bottling facilities for healthy and clean drinkable water. The company is scheduled to open a massive state-of-the-art facility in Tabuk area of Saudi Arabic for the treatment, bottling, distribution and sale of clean spring water.   

Alassas is Jordan’s first company that specializes in manufacturing high-end general and special-use concrete blocks and interlocking tiles.

Since its establishment in 1997 as a branch of RMCCS, Alassas supplied concrete building blocks and interlocking tiles to over 200 major construction projects that constitute most of Jordan’s landmarks.

Alassas is a public shareholding company listed in the Amman Stock Exchange.

The Company was established in 2010 to be a leading manufacturer of autos spare parts and the production and marketing of electrical cars. The company exports most of its production to Europe and the Middle East. Head quartered in Jiangsu City in China, the company is in the process of establishing a state of art factory equipped with the latest facilities and technology. The company also has an ambitious expansion strategy that will witness the opening of several branches across china and overseas.

The Company is in the process of being established. It aims to produce around 140 tons of glass daily. Its production is almost twice and a half that of the Saudi Canadian Glass Company which produces 60 tons of glass daily.

The company is in the process of being established to serve as a leading manufacturer of veterinary medicines and agricultural pesticides.