Ghodaf Group enjoys one of the most diverse investments in this sector that ranges from manufacturing of glass to recycling. In fact, when it comes to the MENA region in such key countries as Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, the Group has been a true pioneer in manufacturing and producing goods and services that are very much needed with the highest international standards, whilst generating hundreds of jobs that supports countless families—a true testament to Ghodaf Groups steadfast commitment to economic development in the countries it operates.
 A central pillar of Ghodaf Group's investment strategy is focused on strong investments in real estate in key markets such as Canada, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Not only does this focus make common financial sense and offers excellent short and long term returns on investment, but it also answers to an increasingly rising demand and provide a much needed service to people. This focus is further solidified and enhanced by the Group's very strong internal construction and contracting capacity, which completes the real estate development cycle from design to delivery.
There is no doubt that as global demand for food continues to rise, especially in the MENA region with one of the youngest populations in the world, the means of production such as agriculture and live stock and poultry production assume greater import and posit an excellent investment opportunity. To capture this important market, Ghodaf Group has made a number of strategic investments in key countries such as Egypt and Canada. From poultry production to agriculture of vast territories of prime agricultural land, the Group has made tremendous commitment to answering to this important human need that will continue to rise with population growth, with the most advanced innovations.
 Because of its strong belief that the aviation market and its derivative services will show incredible growth in the MENA region, Ghodaf Group has embarked on a strategy of gradually entering this important market and expanding its portfolio. It has inaugurated this entry with a key investment in the aviation training service.
 The retail sector in the MENA region is flourishing and offers excellent opportunities for growth. Ghodaf Group's strategy has been focused on two central elements. First to operate and become a leader in key niche retail markets such as pharmacies and the auto industry, and secondly to capitalize on its very strong commercial real estate presence to provide services and outlets for the retail sector. The results have been profoundly gratifying from major commercial centres and malls in Canada and Jordan to massive network of pharmacies in Saudi Arabia. The Group plans to continue to expand in this key sector and position itself as a leader in these niche markets.
In a few years since its inception, Ghodaf Group has managed to capture an enviable position for itself in the finance sector. From the establishment of highly successful brokerage and securities trade and lease provision firms in Jordan to direct investment and private equity in subsidiaries and key industries in Egypt, Ghodaf's strategy of tapping into this important sector has proven highly rewarding.